Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vintage Lamp Transformation!

This 1960's lamp is the coolest! My mom found it at a vintage store in downtown Champaign called Carrie's. It was in need of some updating though...the wiring needed re-done, I needed a lampshade and the brass elements didn't go with my decor either. The folks at Tepper Electric did the re-wiring and ordered the perfect tall, black shade for it. I then spray painted the brass parts silver to go with my room a bit more. Check out the transformation:

Paint prep:


I absolutely LOVE the finished product! (Though I wonder if I would love it even more if the silver color was a bit darker...more like pewter?? Hmmm...) The yellow, blue and orange are the perfect colors and it adds a lot of vintage flair and drama to the room! See what fun it can be to update an old item to make it work for your space. Give it a try!

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