Sunday, March 22, 2009

Round Reflections

Round possibilities are endless! Be creative! I was inspired by the circles on the bedding in my guest room to add round mirrors to the decor. I went with a random pattern and think it turned out awesome!

All of the mirrors came from Target and were very reasonably priced. The large mirror is an 18" beveled mirror and was $19.99. The other 7 mirrors came together in a set also for only $19.99. The large mirror is big enough to actually be functional. I had been challenged with what to put on the walls in this room for a long time and I am very happy with the mirror grouping...gets me a little closer to "finishing" this room!

Other round mirror ideas and inspirations:

cb2 has a 5 mirror set framed in aluminum...very cool. Check out the room view pictures for some creative ideas. This one is my orginal!
• Target also sells a 9 piece mirror set that are all the same size. Very cool look.
• A vertical grouping idea:

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  1. Fun blog! You need to come to Chicago soon and give me some ideas for my apartment. I didn't get the gay decorating gene. Ask Mark how many trips I made to CB2 when I was decorating my XMAS tree!