Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gotta Love Fiestaware!

Could anything be more fun than Fiestaware!?!? I don't think so!

So many colors, so many possibilities! I started collecting Fiesta about 8 years ago with my first purchases of a few place settings. I am now the proud owner of 12 place settings each in a different color and many other coordinating serving pieces and accessories. The classic style of Fiesta looks good in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. I have opted for collecting pieces in a wide variety of colors, but that's not for everyone...picking two or three different coordinating colors would be a great way of incorporating Fiesta into your kitchen too! The folks at Fiesta keep you on your toes with the introduction of new colors and the retirement of older colors. The newest color was introduced late last year and is a dark brown called "Chocolate". It would look great as an accent with the Ivory for a crisp look or with Tangerine or Turquoise for a punch.

My 12 place settings:
(From top: Juniper, Chartreuse, Cobalt, Peacock, Sea Mist, Cinnabar, Yellow, Periwinkle, Pearl Gray, Rose, Persimmon, and Plum)

This is my stove and several Fiesta accessories....mugs on a mug tree, chartreuse tea pot, persimmon salt & pepper shakers, yellow spoon rest, persimmon utensil crock and an apricot napkin holder. I just LOVE these colors together!

I absolutely love these Fiesta "Diner" plates and am regularly hunting on eBay for more pieces with this fun 50's design!


  1. Ashley - I love your pics. It's so good to see people get excited and passionate about AMERICAN MADE products. I'm in the sales department at Homer Laughlin. I just thought I'd let you know that we introduced a new color - LEMONGRASS - at the Housewares Show in Chicago last week. You can see pictures of it at Thank you again for supporting our product!
    Shannon Giambroni

  2. I love my Fiestawar and use it everyday. My family loves to choose the mood of dinner by picking the colors of the night. Why use anything else!