Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vintage Find: Yellow coasters

Fun vintage find....yellow patent leather coaster set! Cool, huh!?!? I found these at the Ravenswood Antique Mart in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. This antique mart is a very fun place to browse, but most items were very much over my price range! I guess that is why I only came home with these coasters! ha! Seriously though, I would recommend taking a cruise around this store if you are looking for some high quality mid century items...everything in the store is in really great shape or has been restored. Quite a bit of furniture and tons of accessories and vintage jewerly. It is a real antique mart where different vendors have "booths" in the the items are coming from several different sources. I have made two visits and both times would say that all vendors are displaying pristine things with a price tag to match!

The entire set was in really great shape with no tears or scrathes in the patent leather...and I thought the buckle was really fun too!

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