Monday, September 5, 2011

Hallway Photo Gallery

I love taking pictures! And I like to show them off in my house too. My favorite photos to frame are travel photos of scenery and things from places that I have visited. When I first hung 4 frames in my hallway I used photos from my trip to China...a photo of a doorway & large vase, the inside roof of a pergola, a bridge over a pond and large paper lanterns hung over a pond. Loved it and enjoyed them in my hallway for a few years. 

But it was time for a change! 

I had room in the hall for another matching frame and I wanted to switch out the pictures for new ones from my recent trip to several Central American countries. A quick trip to Michael's (with my 40% off coupon in hand!) for another frame and Sam's Club for the photo enlargements and I was almost done with the project! (The hardest part was hanging the new frame level with the old one!)



The hallway feels complete now...three horizontal frames on one side and the two vertical frames on the other side on each side of the bathroom doorway. My own little gallery! 

Try this in your easy...inexpensive...and fun to switch out the photos when you want a change! If you aren't into taking pictures you can do this same thing with pictures from calendars or images you print off from online. You can also search around on Flickr and look at other people's photos...many of whom will sell you an image if you want it!

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  1. love it! this is totally something i want to do in my home (whenever I get a home)! so many great pictures from central america and colon 2000!