Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Create your own pop art!

One of my favorite art projects in my house is my Marilyn Monroe pop art feature wall in my home office...check it out!

I found these Marilyn photos on wooden plaques at TJ Maxx for under $20 each. I thought that they needed a bold color background so that the black and white photos would really "pop" off the wall. I put my old chrome and black futon in my office and thought that a bright red would add some life to the room...perfect! Measuring and taping off the rectangle shape was the hardest part of this project and takes some time so that your rectangle looks centered on the wall and has nice sharp edges.

Measure...tape...paint...hang photographs...done!

Looks kind of Andy Warholish to him!

I think this same concept would be really cool with personal photographs or portraits in black and white...imagine using a vintage b&w photo of a family member, portraits of your children, fun photo of your pet, etc....lots of possibilities! Give it a try in your house!

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